Convenient location

It is located 7 km from the center of Sofia and 500 m from the ring road, which allows a quick exit from Sofia.

Convenient location – Ovcha Kupel quarter is one of the oldest parts of Sofia. Thanks to this, it has a well-built transport infrastructure and is served by all types of public transport. Ovcha Kupel and Mizia metro station, trams 4, 5, 11, 19 and buses 60, 11, 102, 73 and 45

In the vicinity of the Goritsa building there are various supermarket chains, Lidl, Kaufland, 345, Bila, Pavlovo market, Fleiss fitness, hospitals MBAL Zdraveto, MK Doverie and MBAL Nadezhda, and it is close to SBAL for Orthopedics “Prof. Boycho Boychev”.

In the vicinity of kindergartens – CDG No. 161 Laska, CDG No. 72 Usmivka. In the vicinity of educational institutions – 151st Secondary School Sofia, 88th Secondary School Dimitar Popnikolov, 66th Secondary School Philip Stanislavov and 149th Secondary School Ivan Hadjiyski, New Bulgarian University and Higher School of Insurance and Finance.

It is known for its clean air thanks to the unique interaction between air currents from the Vladai Gorge, the Buchin Pass and the Slivnish Field, as well as Vitosha Mountain, Slavia Stadium, Slavia Ice Rink, Slavia Park, Banya Ovcha Kupel Park, Ovcha Park kupel”, “Kukuryak” park, “Bonsovi polyani”

15 Goritsa St., 1618 Ovcha Kupel Square, Sofia

About the project

We started this project with the idea of light, air and harmony. When choosing a location, we found the right balance between quiet streets and accessibility to all points of the city. When designing, we focused our attention on natural light to invite into your spacious home. It was important to us that the vision blends naturally with the environment, contributing its own signature and style. We can offer you privacy, freedom and space with large terraces or adjoining yard space. We have envisioned a multi-functional shared space on the top floor for your free time when you can’t escape the city. In all buildings of Idea Buildings, time-tested technologies and materials are used, while we do not neglect new good practices. Nearby are the neighborhoods of Buxton, Slavia, Boyana, Kniazhevo.

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