How to make your home cozier for the fall?

How to make your home cozier for the fall?

The coziest season is upon us. The beautifully fallen leaves outside, the scent of cinnamon pastries at home, the warm sweaters… Autumn is like a hug we don’t want to break away from. Here’s how we can turn our home into an autumn oasis that not only warms us at the end of cooler days but also makes us feel togetherness and comfort:

Warm light
Many people standardly prefer cold light as the primary one in their homes. It is less irritating to the eyes, does not yellow, and therefore the colors of the interior look more natural. However, autumn changes these rules. Bring some warm light into your home, whether it be from a scented candle or a night lamp. It should not become the main source – let it be just a small source of warmth. It would be ideal to have a fireplace and light it during the colder autumn days. Combined with good food, a drink, and/or a book, this notion of coziness is as familiar as it is loved by all.

Textiles and textures
Autumn is the time to bring out your favorite decorative rugs, blankets, and pillows. If you haven’t acquired such items yet, make it a point to do so this season. Make sure to vary the textures and experiment. You will be surprised at how many different types of materials and textures there are that would fit in with the interior of your home and bring you a sense of comfort. Stick to earthy colors and do not neglect functionality – let the beautiful decorative blanket for your sofa be soft and pleasant to the touch so that it can also be used for snuggling on those chilly autumn evenings.

Natural decorations
Pine cones, pumpkins, branches… The more natural the decoration in your home, the more in harmony with nature it will be. You can turn this into a pleasant family activity – go with your children or friends to a nearby park and collect natural materials together to create beautiful compositions. They do not need to be complicated – pine cones and branches arranged beautifully in a stylish bowl; an orange pumpkin placed on an elegant tray; a picture made of autumn leaves glued onto a canvas… The ideas are countless – it only takes a little creativity.

A trend among interior styles in the fall of 2023 is rustic minimalism. It combines natural materials, simple shapes, and minimalist furniture. It is characterized by the use of materials like wood, stone, and metal. The furniture is simple and functional, with colors that are soft and neutral. Rustic minimalism creates a cozy and harmonious atmosphere that is both natural and stylish. It perfectly captures the essence of autumn, as it is distinguished by both a minimalist space and decoration with elements in neutral colors, woven textures, and a vintage feel.

Thus, it turns out that comfort is precisely in fashion – the leitmotif of autumn, what makes it such a loved and anticipated season. Your home will become even more inviting with homemade food, shared moments with loved ones, and many hugs that warm both the body and the heart.

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