The Bear Building by Idea Buildings

We are Idea Buildings. ‘Idea’ is not by coincidence – because behind every commencement there’s a good Idea. ‘Buildings’ is also not by chance because we claim to love what we do: constructing residential buildings with the distinctive charm of Idea Buildings. Buildings that carry the spirit of home and comfort with a timeless classic architecture that leaves a mark in the urban environment and in our perceptions of home.

Why the Bear Building by Idea Buildings?

Because we are Idea Buildings, and we strive for everything we create to carry a specific feeling, a sense of warmth, positivity, and harmony. Just as we pour all our passion and heart into each building – from the 1st to the 35th. The attention we pay to the distribution of each apartment, whether it is two-room, three-room, or ground-floor with its own yard space. We think about what mood we create and what we leave with the people we work with, in our clients, and in our work environment. The upcoming Christmas is always a suitable moment for good Ideas to be born and even more fitting to be realized. Thinking about how to create a positive Christmas mood and how it can reach more people, the Idea for “The Bear Building by Idea Buildings” was born. Do you know what it is that every home has? Regardless of the size of the home or the number of its inhabitants? A bear! There is at least one bear in every home. Each of us or our children inevitably has a favorite bear or a childhood story with a bear.

We are extremely happy that the Idea appealed to so many people. We are pleased that the communication regarding The Bear Building was mainly met with positive feedback. Because that was precisely the Idea and the goal of Idea Buildings.

Bear Building by Idea Buildings

We really liked the options for the title of the Bear Building by Idea Buildings from social media, here are some of them:

Bear stories

Second title: Bears on the edge

Third title: When you can’t remember exactly why she’s mad at you now.


Probably the author of this puppet installation realized that it’s been 95 years since the printing of “Winnie the Pooh” by the brilliant author A.A. Milne…

My apartments – you’ll know them by the bears…

Those who are afraid of Bears should not go to Cherni Vrah Blvd…

Sofia had its “House with the Strawberries,” and now it has “The House with the Bears” too.



We also liked the report by Blagoy Tsitselkov from Nova Television and the brief description of the Bear Building by Idea Buildings

The bears have no fear of heights. They don’t feel the cold. They withstand the rain. And they are ready for the first snow. They have been here for a short while. Dozens of bears have taken up various positions. Some hug and look at the traffic on Cherni Vrah Blvd., others wave at passers-by. They’ve been here for two days, and they’re already an absolute hit. They made some people love them, while others don’t understand why they’re here.

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