3 reasons why you should buy an apartment on instalment payment from a building company instead of taking a loan from the bank?

3 reasons why you should buy an apartment on instalment payment from a building company instead of taking a loan from the bank?

Investing in real estate, particularly buying an apartment, is an important decision that comes with not a few financial risks. Consumers usually turn to bank loans to finance such purchases. However, the possibility of deferred payment is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative that we at Idea Buildings offer to our customers. Therefore, we will take a closer look at the main reasons why this option may prove to be a more reasonable option for buying a future home:

Flexible payment terms

One of the most appealing aspects of instalment payment plans is the flexibility they offer. Unlike the strict structures of bank loans, we tailor our instalment plans to the different financial capabilities of our customers. This means that we can offer different repayment plan options that are tailored to their income and financial capability, thereby reducing the risk of default.

On the one hand, by offering deferred payments at a date and number of instalments agreed in advance with the client, we make such an investment easy to plan and manage, and on the other hand, financing the project itself will not cause the client any additional cost with all the fees that accompany a bank loan. In addition, the entire approval, credit and mortgage procedure is avoided.

Return on investment

Unlike bank loans, where the purchased property serves as collateral, the deferred payment option with Idea Buildings is more flexible, as it does not require the establishment of collateral and the execution of the entire procedure of surveying and proving the client’s solvency. Throughout the repayment period, you have our guarantee on the performance and quality of your chosen home.

In addition, as construction progresses, the value of the apartment typically increases. When you sign the pre-contract, we have the purchase price locked in through an installment payment plan, and you as the buyer benefit from the potential capital increase even before full payment is made.

Potentially less costs

Although bank loans may seem like the standard choice for financing a real estate investment, they often come with hidden costs in the form of interest rates, loan fees and other charges. In contrast, instalment plans can offer more transparent pricing options, thus providing a more lucrative and sustainable payment option. That’s why we at Idea Buildings offer such an option with up to 30 installment option, which is a much better alternative compared to the offerings from any bank. You can benefit from this option for all our current projects, such as:


The truth is that the absence of interest and mortgages not only reduces the overall financial burden, but also removes the long-term commitment associated with traditional bank loans.

In conclusion, when it comes to financing the purchase of an apartment, choosing between loans and instalment plans is crucial. For anyone looking for flexibility, security and a lower cost investment, Idea Buildings’ deferred payment plans are an extremely good and beneficial alternative. For more information about them and our current projects, please contact us on +359 895 566 606 or email sales@idea-building.com.

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