A special payment offer from Idea Buildings

December is a special time of the year, and because of that, this month we at Idea Buildings are offering a new installment payment scheme. You, our clients, are the biggest resource of the company; you are the reason we continue to be inspired. Very often, when thinking about how to offer you the most convenient payment scheme, we have pondered the following questions:

What would our clients choose? To live in a rental, freely choosing the location and the duration of their stay but paying monthly rent and only temporarily benefiting from it? Or to become homeowners, acquiring a property using a mortgage loan that will bring them the dreamed home but at the expense of a long-term commitment to the bank, additional costs, and stress from the constant threat of rising interest rates? Or would you prefer to purchase your own home under conditions as close as possible to the banks, but WITHOUT additional costs, without a mortgage, and in a foreseeable time frame of 36 months?

Our new offer is for everyone who is about to purchase a property, and it represents an easy and convenient way to settle payments, saving you the commitment of dealing with a lending bank. The installment payment terms are as follows – at the signing of the contract, you pay 5% of the sale price, and in the next 36 months, the monthly installment is 2.5% of the total sale price, and at the end of the construction and when the building is supplied with a permit for use, the remaining price is 5% of the sales price. We have always believed that it matters greatly where and how a person invests their funds. Too often, we see people who have lived in rentals for years and pay monthly installments that in the end bring them nothing. However, looking at things from the other side, with the purchase of a property on an installment plan, each of these installments brings you closer to your ultimate goal – namely, to be able to call that property your own home.

*The offer is valid for the project “Krasena”

Available properties